X-Dry [Fun] Space Theme White 10-Pack


10-pieces value pack! X-dry feel, excellent sweat-absorption and exceptional soft touch to provide unmatched racket control and performance. Special design features: space theme white. A great gift for tennis lovers.

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  • We are a rising brand specializing in pro quality overgrips with unique designs. Tested by many professional racket sports athletes, our products’ top-tier quality is guaranteed.
  • The X-Dry series overgrips are made of highly absorbent, cushioning PU material that works especially well in keeping your racket/handle dry, even under use by heavy sweaters. X-Dry overgrips provide a smooth, ultra-comfortable feel that simulates the feeling of leather.
  • We receive great compliments for the unique designs of our overgrips, with many customers claiming the fresh look of their racket handle boosted their mood and enhanced their performance.
  • The overgrip is easy to install. Detailed instructions are on the back of the package. Each package includes 3 individually packed overgrips.
  • The dimensions of the overgrip are 26mm width*1100mm length*0.5mm thickness (1 inch width* 43.3 inches length* 0.02 inch thickness). Overgrip is a multi-purpose wrap and can be used on any handle where a comfortable, absorbent grip is desired. In addition to tennis, badminton, racquetball and squash rackets, this overgrip also fits baseball bats, fishing rods, bike bars, stroller handles, walking sticks, foosball table bars, pull-up bars, racquetball rackets, pickleball paddles, knives, softball bats, dumbbells, ping-pong paddles, walking canes, hockey sticks, swords, golf clubs and more.










3 reviews for X-Dry [Fun] Space Theme White 10-Pack

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    Personally I like the dry feel more than the so-called tacky feel. It is more like a cloth feel, and very very absorbent. Love the design. Never seen this kind of grips before!

  2. :

    I buy it for its funny pattern. Surprisingly it’s very helpful! It can absorb sweat and make rack non-slip. Its a good choice.

  3. :

    This overgrip worth the price. It stands out for its creative design as well as the satisfied performance. Will purchase again.

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