Performance with Style

Express yourself both on and off court

Quality without Compromise

Advanced technology you can trust

tacky 2

Long-lasting tackiness from our X-Tac Overgrips allows for easier racket control.


100% sweat absorption from our X-Dry Overgrips keeps your hands dry and comfortable.

non slip

Anti-slip is achieved by a delicate PU overgrip surface.


Highly flexible materials allow for easy and firm wrapping.


Comfortable cushion from our soft micro-fiber overgrip texture allows you to keep playing on.

pro quality

Durable material stays absorbent and flexible.

alien pros web non toxic

Absolutely non-toxic material that is safe for your use.

alien pros web- eco friendly

Eco-friendly material that dissolves into water and degradable fiber after use.

alien pros web versatile

Truly versatile overgrip that can be applied on virtually any racket handles and bars.

How it works?

Nine simple steps to create a fresh, functional grip!